Maintenance and Service

Condition-based maintenance and regular service intervals at the customers side provide maximum availability of your machines and systems.

We are your partner in maintenance.

With regular maintenance of machinery and equipment unplanned downtime can be avoided or at least minimized.

We take over the service management for the drives of our customers. Your machines are serviced in intervals we define together with you. So common failure causes such us loose connections or faulty windings can be detected before they cause damage.

Works at Customer Site

  • Disassembly / assembly of electric motors
  • laser-optical alignment of machinery and equipment
  • bearing analyses
  • electrical analysis
  • thermographic investigation
  • vibration measurement with frequency analysis
  • balancing in 1 - and 2-level 
  • commutator conditioning 
  • advice for maintenance and monitoring of condition-based maintenance
  • condition- and damage analysis
  • vibration measurement

Modern Measurement and Test Equipment

For best results, we provide advanced measuring and testing equipment to our skilled workers.

Through constant education and training, we keep our professionals up to date in dealing with these devices.

Our Services

disassembly and assembly at site
Laser balancing
vibration measurement

on call duty

electriscal and mechanical reconstructions
management of motor-stocks
computer-based preventative maintenance