Plasma-Systems (>20kW to 100kW)

The primary switched power supplies of the PLASMATEC series (PLASMATEC DCp and PLASMATEC) can be switched in parallel to increase the rating. Herewith ratings up to 100kW are possible. To increase the rating, 19” cabinets with 10kW modules respectively 20kW modules (depending on the application), which are switched in parallel and completely wired, can be delivered.
Because of the parallel connection of the applicant-specific modules (PLASMATEC DCp and PLASMATEC) high power units which are designed especially for your application are available.
The units include a digital regulation as well as a RS232 interface as standard and optionally a field bus interface. By this interface nominal values for the output values can be adjusted and actual values can be read out. Additionally a release can be set, error messages can be read out and more in-depth parameterization can be done.
The interface can be operated in 2 modes, the terminal mode and the sps mode. In the terminal mode the characters on the control side can be interpreted with a terminal program such as Hyperterminal from Windows. A simple user desktop for operation and monitoring of the dates of the power supply is provided.
In the sps mode a number of bytes is send via the interface, which must be interpreted for example with a sps. For the operation of power supply a corresponding byte sequence with pre-defined contents must be send to the power supply.
All options which are available for the single units are here also available.

Selection table

The types listed in the table represent only one possible choice. We are pleased to offer for your desired voltage / power.

Modul Number

Maximum Rating



NDCG 0k825k



















NDCG 0k834k400-800V37/7530
NDCG 0k850k400-800V50/10040
NDCG 0k862k400-800V62/12550
NDCG 0k875k400-800V75/15060
NDCG 0k887k400-800V87/17570




NDCG 0k8100400-800V100/20080
NDCG 0k8112400-800V112/22590