DC / Unipolar / Bipolar Pulsed Power Supply


The PLASMATEC Mp is the most flexible power supply from the proven J. Schneider PLASMATEC power supply platform. The PLASMATEC Mp power supplies provide / deliver multiple pulse shapes, an improved DC, unipolar pulse or bipolar pulse output current / voltage and are specially developed for plasma processes up to 800 V. In the range of 400 V up to 800 V the full output power is available.

At DC mode the device provides an improved DC output current / voltage which reduces the ARC tendency compared to pure standard DC.

At unipolar pulse mode the device provides an output frequency of 76 kHz. The pulse duration can selected from 1 µsec to11 µsec. This enables a wide range duty cycle from 7.6 % to 85 %.

At bipolar pulse mode the device provides an output frequency of 38 kHz. The pulse duration also can selected from 1 µsec to 11 µsec, which comes up a duty cycle from 7.6 % to 85 %. The positive and negative pulses have the same output voltage. The number of pulses is adjustable from 1 to 255. The device is available with 5 kW resp. 10k W and to increase the power it is possible to run up to 10 devices (100 kW) in parallel mode.

The power supplies feature en extreme low output energy, en sophisticated flexible adjustable arc-management, a high power density as well as en incomparable robustness. Therefore they are ideal for the use in industrial coating plants as well as in laboratories for coating development of glasses, photovoltaic cells, large area coating for glass or for flat panels. The regulation of current, voltage and power reach most accurate values via digital regulation. 

  • Optimized for defect-free processing, for state of the art thin film technologies
  • Small footprint
  • Inherent Current Source Characteristic, that insures low current overshoot by an ARC
  • Extremely low internal stored energy

Technical Data

Input voltage3 x 400 V AC± 10%
Frequency50 /60 Hz ± 5%
Nominal Output voltage Vavplease see selection table
Nominal Output Rating kWplease see selection table
Nominal Output Current Aavplease see selection table
Max. Ignition Voltage Vigplease see selection table
Nominal Output Frequency unipolar76 kHz
Nominal Output Frequency  bipolar38,46 kHz
Duty Cycle7,6 % to 85% % (1 to 11 μsec)

Selection Table

Maximum Output Rating
Modul Number
Articl Number
400 - 80012,5 - 6,2551400PLASMATEC Mp 0k86k2NDCR 1015F01001
400 - 80025 - 12,5101400PLASMATEC Mp 0k812kNDCR 1017F01001