DC Power Supply


The PLASMATEC DC is a switch-mode DC power supply for PVD. Due to the CFC (Current Fed Converter) Technology the Output is a true current source, the most sophisticated solution for defect free plasma processing.

The device delivers DC Output current / voltage. It is available with 5, 10, 15 or 20 kW. In parallel mode the power can increase up to 160 kW. Digital Regulation of current, voltage and power reaches most accurate values.

The PLASMATEC DC provides high power Density and great robustness, extremely low stored Output energy and a sophisticated, flexible, adjustable ARC Management.

  • Optimized for defect free processing for state of the art thin film technologies
  • Small footprint, up to 20kW in 3HU
  • Extremely low internal stored energy (<3mJ / 10kW)
  • Water cooled
  • Arc Management configurable
  • Micro Arc suppression

Technical Data

Input voltage3 x 400 V AC± 10%
Frequency50 /60 Hz ± 5%
Nominal Output voltage Vavplease see selection table
Nominal Output power kWplease see selection table
Nominal Output current Aavplease see selection table
Maximum ignition voltage Vigplease see selection table

Selection Table

Maximum Output power
Modul number
Article number
400 - 80012,5 - 6,2551400PLASMATEC DC NDCR 2014F01001
400 - 80025,0 - 12,5101400PLASMATEC DC NDCR 2016F01001
400 - 80050,0 - 25,0201400PLASMATEC DCNDCR 2018F01001
500 - 100012,5 - 6,2551400PLASMATEC DC NDCR 2014F01002
500 - 100025,0 - 12,5101400PLASMATEC DC NDCR 2016F01002
500 - 100050,0 - 25,0201400PLASMATEC DC NDCR 2018F01002