DC + Unipolar or Bipolar Pulse Power Supply


The PLASMATEC BIAS is a switch-mode DC power supply product line with state of the art CFC technology. These power supplies are specially developed for bias applications and deliver a DC, unipolar or bipolar pulsed output voltage from 20 V up to 1000 V.

At unipolar pulsed mode the device provides an output frequency of 1 to 30 kHz. In bipolar pulsed mode the output frequency is adjustable from 1 to 15 kHz. The duty cycle from 1 to 95 % of the frequency can be flexibly adjusted via the RS232 interface. 

Positive and negative pulses have the same output voltage but the duty cycle can be adjusted separately. the device is available from 1 to 15 kW. In parallel mode with up to three units the power can be increased to 45 kW.

The PLASMATEC BIAS supplies feature a sophisticated flexible adjustable ARC Management, a high power density and an incomparable robustness.

  • Optimized for droplet less ARC / pulsed ARC processing
  • Better thin film density and adhesion
  • Adaptable to a wide range of process requirements
  • Water cooled
  • Multiple units combinable for high-power requirements
  • High performance DSP regulator

Technical Data

Input voltage3 x 400 V AC± 10%
Frequency50 /60 Hz ± 5%
Nominal Output voltage Vavplease see selection table
Nominal Output power kWplease see selection table
Nominal Output current Aavplease see selection table

Selection Table

Maximum output power

Modul number

Article number
300 -100025 - 7,57,5PLASMATEC BIAS NDCR 1726F01002
300 -100050 - 1515PLASMATEC BIAS NDCR 1727F01002