The PLASMATEC ARC is a high power switched mode power supply product line with state of the art CFC (Current Fed Converter) technology. The PLASMATEC ARC series is special designed for pulsed cathodic arc processes. The devices provide either straight DC or pulsed DC output current. In pulsed operation the base current and peak current and also the duty cycle can be set in a wide range. (Duty cycle can be set from 1 - 99 %, the frequency 1 - 250 Hz)

  • Optimized for “droplet less” ARC / pulsed ARC processing
  • Small Footprint
  • 12 kW up to 400 A (200 A version planned)
  • Inherent current source characteristic, that insures stable ARC current (CFPP)
  • Low stored energy
  • Advanced pulsing capability (multilevel pulsing)
  • Accurate current control with low overshoot




Technical Data

Input Voltage3 x 400 V AC± 10%
Frequency50 /60 Hz ± 5%
Nominal Output Voltage10 - 30 V DC (60 V open voltage)
Nominal Output Power 12 kW
Nominal Output Current400 A @ 30 V
Pulsed Mode
Maximum Output Voltage30 V (60 V open voltage)
Maximum Output Power12 kW
Maximum Output Base Current400 A @ 30 V
Maximum Output Peak Current400 A @ 30 V
Pulsing Frequency10 Hz to 250 Hz
Duty Cycle1 % to 99 %
Minimum Pulse Length500 μsec
Nominal Output current in pulse mode

Iav= [IBase x (1- Duty cycle)] + (IPeak x Duty cycle)

Iav= [80 A x (1-0,5)] + (200 A x 0,5)


Selection Table

Maximum Output Rating
Modul Number
Article Number
30200660PLASMATEC AC 030200NACR 1436F01001
304001260PLASMATEC AC 030400NACR 1437F01001
8020016140PLASMATEC AC 080200NACR 1439F01001