Product overview

 The PLASMATEC series is a highly reliable, Primary switched-mode power supply product line. The PLASMATEC series reveals improved process Technology for thin film plasma applications. With this state of the art water-cooled power supplies, J. Schneider offers different application dedicated systems to suit the specific demand. The devices of the PLASMATEC-Series are characterized by the most sophisticated, flexible and adjustable arc management with extremely low passive output energy and a high output power density.

The PLASMATEC power supplies are available in a wide output power range of 3 kW, 5 kW, 10 kW, 12 kW, 15kW or 20kW. Its modularity enables connections in parallel to increase the output power up to 200 kW. Ideal for vacuum coating processes for hard and decorative coatings, architectural / industrial glass, flat-panel, semiconductor, data-storage, optical-, tribological- and solar applications.

PLASMATEC DCp, PLASMATEC Ap, PLASMATEC AC, PLASMATEC Mp products are dedicated for magnetron sputtering deposition and PECVD processing. 

PLASMATEC ARC series is special designed for state of the art pulsed cathodic arc processes.


The PLASMATEC DCp provides a DC voltage or a unipolar pulsed output voltage for planar or rotatable targets, with the most sophisticated, flexible, adjustable arc Management. Ideal for single Magnetron sputtering applications. 


PLASMATEC Ap provides a DC voltage or a pulsed output voltage. In combination with the regular negative working pulses for thin film deposition the PLASMATEC Ap provides fully adjustable positive pulses including ARC detection to enhance the coating properties.


PLASMATEC AC supplies a bipolar DC pulsed, wide range output voltage, with the most advanced arc handling, for dual magnetron application, dedicated for defect free, state of the art processing of metals, oxides and nitrides.


PLASMATEC Mp virtually combines all functions in one device, an extremely flexible power supply. It is capable of all operating modes, an improved DC operation pulse, an unipolar pulsed operation and a bipolar pulsed operation.


PLASMATEC ARC, the new DC and pulsed DC cathodic ARC supply opens new process Windows for advanced coatings for the pulsed cathodic ARC Deposition Technology. Optimized for stable, high rate processing and lowest drop rate.