Product overview

Series Overview

The PLASMATEC-Series primary switched-mode power supplies were specially developed for plasma processes in the range 400-800V. J. Schneider offers three different device models provides within this new generation of water-cooled power supplies. The series is characterized by an extremely low output power, a sophisticated flexible adjustable arc management, and high power density.
The power supplies are available with output power of 5kW, 10kW, 15kW or 20kW and can be connected in parallel to increase output power to 150kW. They are ideal for vacuum coating processes of fine optical glass, solar cells, architectural glass, or flat panel displays.

The PLASMATEC DCp alternatively provides a pure DC voltage or a unipolar pulsed output voltage in the range of 400-800V. In the unipolar pulse mode, the device delivers a fixed output frequency of 76 kHz and the duty range is adjustable from 7% to 88%.

The PLASMATEC AC supplies an AC voltage of 600-2000Vav fixed at an output frequency of 38.5 kHz. Again, the duty range can be adjusted from 12.5% to 100%.

which is extremely flexible adjustable, and capable all operating modes of a pure DC operation via a unipolar pulsed operation up to bipolar pulsed operation, virtually combines all functions in one device.
In the unipolar pulse mode, the output frequency is 76 kHz, in the bipolar pulse mode 38 kHz and the duty range can be set from 7% to 88%. In the bipolar pulse mode, the number of positive and negative pulses can be altered from 0 to 255 pulses, with the voltage level of the positive and negative pulses identical.  Due to its highly flexible setting options, the PLASMATEC
is particularly suited not only for in industrial processes but also can also be used in special laboratory facilities for layer development