Patented ARC-Limitation

The patented arc current limitation works like a non-linear resistance. Until a specific current level is reached, it has low ohm resistance. Once that level would exceeded, the resistance changes, so that current remains constant, whatever voltage applies. A graph showing the idealized voltage/current relationship across the resistance is given below.




Once the current threshold is reached, current remains constant despite increasing voltage.
The resistance progressively increases in this area.

Without arc current limiting, current peaks up to 1000 times the rated current can occur. Our patented arc current limitation keeps current peaks down to 4 times of the rated current, at the very most.


Prolonged life of filament in electronic beam guns
Processes, such as coating, run more smoothly as arcs are suppressed, instantly

  • Almost complete elimination of the contamination of deposited film
    which normally arises from the extremely high currents associated with arcs
  • higher stoichiometry
  • Enhanced equipment reliability
  • Due to the very small current fluctuations (di/dt), there are fewer breakdowns.
    This leads to cost savings on such items as cables, filters and surge-voltage protection devices.

The Arc current limiter could configured to meet your specific requirements. Versions for continuous current levels up to 10A or voltages of up to 150kV are already provided.