CL1 Certification Passed

In order to deliver products for rail vehicles, special approvals and certifications due to high stress factors and due to extremely high security requirements are demanded. Thus there is the DIN EN 15085-2 which ensures a special welding procedure for rail vehicles. According this standard different certification levels are defined. For several years J. Schneider Elektrotechnik already supplies winding goods for rail vehicles. Since copper windings have to be soldered, a certification according CL4 was sufficient. This certificate is allowed to use products with welds from manufacturers who are self-CL1 or CL2 certified. Meanwhile, however, this winding goods are also be wounded in aluminium, which are requiring the welding procedure direct at the coils. Therefore the CL 1 certification according to DIN EN 15085-2 was indispensable. This highest standard allows companies to manufacture railway approved welds on its products. An external welding engineer is the welding supervisor in charge, who supervises the compliance with the standard. Four employees have been trained as welders, in order to complete this welds professionally according the required standard. Currently, in addition, one more employee will be trained as welding specialist. This qualification is a prerequisite to substitute the external welding supervisor in charge.