A new dimension of switching power supplies: UNOTEC

New on the market, the switching power supplies UNOTEC series of J. Schneider Elektrotechnik. The devices are characterized by high efficiency with minimal power losses and include a Power Boost function. By using this current booster the UNOTEC can supply up to 150% of rated current loads and capacities up to 4 seconds. They offer a high power failure bridging time of >20 ms. The wide range power supply provides worldwide operation. The integrated current limitation which limits the current to 100% (in Power Boost mode at 150%) of the rated current, is protecting the UNOTEC against damages in case of overloading. The output voltage is adjustable over a range of 24V to 28V. Series ( 2 devices) and parallel connection (5 devices) is possible. Because of the modern design, the UNOTEC can be operated within in a temperature range from -25°C up to 60°C without load reduction. The units are supplied in a metal housing with an optimum of EMC characteristics with appropriate performance, ultra compact with small structural dimensions.