suitable for charging ultracap modules and lead batteries

The UCCTEC, designed as a special loading and monitoring device for ultracapacitor modules, can now also be used to charge lead acid accumulators.

Up to 5 ultracapacitor modules with a programmable voltage between 0-450 V can be loaded from UCCTEC and monitored separately. In addition to the capacity, polarity, single or groups cell voltage, availability, status and temperature the internal resistance (ESR) will be monitored now.

The same device can also be used as an alternative for temperature-controlled charging batteries up to max. 450 V and monitoring. The UC or battery charger modes can be selected and configured by Software Paratec-UCC.

The device can be used in systems under high mechanical loads and temperature fluctuations, as it is characterized by high mechanical stress (shock prooved up to 50 G), a high operating temperature range and a special immunity. The UCCTEC has beside relay contacts two serial ports for connecting a PC (RS 485) for data exchange, parameterisation, service functions, remote monitoring, and for further connection to another UCCTEC`s.

The module was developed is in spite of 1.7 kW power and compact dimensions without fan and therefore maintenance-free. This is possible because of the extremely low heat losses and high efficiency.