Investments in new coiling machines

Through the use of one further highly modern layer coiling machine –in operation since almost one year- two identical machines are already in use and increasing significantly the machine capacity. On these machines, layer windings up to a length of 1.400 mm and a diameter of 1.200 mm for both  types, dry type and oil transformers, are suitable for different constructions. The machine has in addition a unit for loading  of rising insulation layers also has a flat-burnishing device by means of which a very homogeneous winding structure can be realized even by using round wires. In the field of foil windings new conditions have been created through the acquisition of a machine with three individually controllable unwinding units. So it was indeed already been able to customize winding goods with parallel placed individual windings, however, was here possible dimensions and thus also benefits still very limited. On the new machine coils up to a total length of 1.000 mm can be manufactured and now we are able to serve new market segments.