Unity. Law. Freedom.

wvib President Klaus Endress, 20 companies and other supporters today announced the start of the campaign "Unity Right Freedom." In a year the political decision - makers call for the initiators to stand up for Democracy, the rule of law and the social market economy. In a year of decisive political discretion, the initiators call for the use of democracy, the rule of law and the social market economy. Worldwide and also in Germany, forces have emerged in recent months that are trying to influence the foundation of democracy, the rule of law and the market economy. The governing bodies of the Baden-Württemberg Business Federation (wvib) have therefore decided, under the leadership of President Klaus Endress, to take position themselves for the first time in the 2017 election year. The campaign shows the basic political values ​​for companies, employees and citizens in the Schwarzwald AG and is intended to mobilize further supporters. "Democracy, the rule of law and social market economy are hard-won achievements, which we must defend and revive again and again." Despite all the mistakes, Europe is a world-wide area of peace, tolerance and prosperity. Populists deliver only enemy images, no solutions. We all feel that we need a defensive democracy and a strong Europe more than ever. This is what we stand for as a company and with our campaign, Unity. Law. Freedom. "says Klaus Endress.