19” maintenance-free and without fan

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik remains even at 19" components their philosophy loyal: “Durable and Maintenance free”.

Many devices of the well-known AKKUTEC series are available as 19" versions.

As a compact rack 3A and 20A variants AKKUTEC 19-2403 and 19-2420 AKKUTEC are available in single and three-phase version.

In the 19" rack 3 HE and 84 TE accumulators with 7.2 or 12 Ah incl. battery fuse and temperature sensor are already built in. Alternatively, the racks are also without internal battery with connection for external batteries available.

Furthermore, there is the version 2403 as a pure 19" plug-in card (12 TE) available.

A 3A AC C-TEC 19-2403 with maintenance-free ultra-capacitors as energy storage is also available as 19'' slot available.

All technical Features correspond to those of the other versions and can be downloaded under: www.j-schneider.de .