C-TEC 2425P

Maintenance-free, battery-free UPS and power boost module for high inrush currents

The C -TEC 2425P is the latest buffer module of C -TEC series . Similar to the C TEC 2440 P it is a module that combines the benefits of active C -TEC series with the advantages of passive C -TEC P modules in one unit.
With the controlled charging part, the device ensures rapid charging of the built-in for buffering ultra-capacitors. The device is connected in parallel with the regulated power supply and charges the 100 F capacitors within seconds without disturbing a possible parallel connected load.
In case of mains failure, the unit will release the stored energy up to the deep discharge threshold of 19V. Depending on the load, the back-up time lays between 5 minutes (at 200 mA load) and one second at nominal load (25 A).
As soon as the built-in ultra-capacitors are fully charged , which is signaled by a floating relay contact, the Turbo Boost function is available. This serves to support the feeding power supply when loads with high inrush currents such as Motors or contactors are fed off or to be able to trigger fuses safely.
If mains is present, the C-TEC 2425P can provide 65A for 14 milliseconds or even 200A for 1.5 milliseconds. The device is maintenance-free for life. As ultra-capacitors are used as storage medium, it can be used in a wide temperature range from -40 ° to 60 °C. The charging and discharging of ultra-capacitors is monitored by a built-in microcontroller. In case of interruption of DC supply , the energy of the ultracapacitors is unregulated released . The load is supplied from the UPS up to the voltage is smaller than 19V. Network monitoring is realized by potential free contact and LED.