Medium-sized Company with Heart and Soul

Each and every individual has his or her part to play – only by acting in harmony with each other we can achieve our objectives.

This requires commitment and dedication from each and every employee, whatever their position in the company.

The family character of our company is an important basis for dealing with each other. Shareholders, management team, employees and trainees form a community.
Open communication based on trust and mutual respect promotes employee identification with the company. Only those who are motivated work with full force.



Introducing the third generation of Schneider managers

In her capacity as CEO, Bettina Schneider, granddaughter of the company founder, today has a crucial role to play in ensuring the future of this family-owned business. She shares here field of responsibility with CEO Rolf Anti, and any major decisions that have to be made, are made together. Maintaining personal contact with customers and employees is every bit as important to them as keeping alive the family nature of the company.