Satisfied customers, innovative and safe products, highly reliable service provision, very well trained and motivated employees: These are our objectives.

More than 75 years of experience

In the tradition of the company founder, Johann Schneider, we have continued repairing electrical drives in all their diverity right up to the present day. Borne forward by the distinctive entrepreneurship of Karl Schneider as well as technical progress and an ever-changing market, we have continuously added new fields of activity to our portfolio. Products and services which ensure a safe, permanent power supply today form the cornerstone of our company’s success.

Accompanying our customers into the future

We believe in creating a long-term, successful partnership with our customers, as this is a sure foundation for continuously developing innovative products and solutions in response to the needs of an ever-changing global market. In the same vein, ensuring a successful future for our company allows us to fulfil our responsibilities to our employees. Only a continuous development and willingness of employees and managers make a progress possible.