In General

The DC-buffer module C-TEC works with Ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. In case of an interruption of the DC-supply, the energy of the Ultracapacitors is released. The load is energised from the buffer module, til it is discharged. The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the capacitors and on the discharge current.

Devices with an interface are programmable via Software (paraTEC).

For the IPC operation is a shutdown software (TECControl) available.       



Input DC / Output DC constant

C-TEC1203 2403 2403 USB2403K 2403-1of



input voltage 12 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC24 V DC 24 V DC
output voltage 11,75 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC
Output current/energy

3 A / 500 J


3 A / 1 kJ

3 A / 500 J


3 A / 1 kJ

2,6 A / 1 kJ3 A / 1 kJ 3 A / 1 kJ




C-TEC 2405-5C-TEC 2408-20C-TEC 2410-1C-TEC 2410-10C-TEC 2420-8





input voltage 24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC
output voltage 24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC
output current/energy 5 A / 5 kJ8 A / 20 kJ10 A / 1 kJ10 A / 10 kJ20 A / 8 kJ

C-TEC P series

Input DC / Output DC ramps down

C-TEC 1225 PC-TEC 2425 PC-TEC 2440 PC-TEC 4815 P







input voltage12 V DC24 V DC24 V DC48 V DC
output voltage
12 V DC24 V DC24 V DC48 V DC
output current/energy25 A / 0,5 kJ25 A / 1,4 kJ40 A / 4 kJ

15 A / 1,0 kJ

AC-C-TEC series

Input AC / Output DC 


input voltage115-230 V AC115-230 V AC115-230 V AC115-230 V AC400 V AC100 - 240 V AC400 V AC
output voltage12 V12 V24 V24 V24 V24 V24 V
output current /energy3A / 0,5 kJ

3A / 1 kJ

3 A / 0,5 kJ

3 A / 1 kJ3 A / 1 kJ10 A / 10 kJ20 A / 8 kJ

Capacitor extension modules


voltage V                    
24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC24 V DC12 V DC12 V DC
energy kJ1 kJ2 kJ8 kJ16 kJ0,6 kJ1,23 kJ
current A3 A3 A20 A20 A3 A3 A


  • compact design, assembled in one housing

  • maintenance-free

  • deep discharge protection, thus unlimited storage possible

  • no gas emission, so the use in closed housings is possible

  • fast availability because of short recharge time after discharge

Back-up times

Compared with normally used buffer modules with capacitors, higher back-up times can be obtained  with the C-TEC. 
They can be .

 back-up time = energy
                        voltage x current

 with full load capacitors:

         50 s = 12000_____
                    24 V x 10 A