C-TEC 90-20 F

Short Description

The C-TEC 90-20 F series DC buffer module series uses ultracapacitors as energy storage. Under normal operation, these capacitors will be charged via an external charging unit like the UCCTEC. If the power supply is interrupted, the energy which is stored in the ultracapacitors is available to energize the load. The load will be supplied by the buffer module until the energy out of the capacitors is consumed. The buffer time depends on the charge state of the capacitors and the discharge current.

The buffer module has the following features:   

·         Basic-balancing ensures energy saving

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Technical Data 

Nominal input voltage

90 V DC

Input voltage range

0 ... 93,0 V DC

Max. charging current

76 A DC

Max. discharge current

76 A DC

Max. cascadable until

800 V DC (care the maximum altitude)

Internal resistance (new)

< 70 mOhm

Capacitance (new)

20 F +/-10%

Energy content55 kJ
Buffer time9 s (90 ... 60 V DC) 5 kW

Protection type

IP 40 u. EN 60529

Storage temperature

-40 ... 70°C

Operating temperature

-40 ... 60°C

Air humidity

Max. 95% (non-condensing)

Max. altitude at

90 ... 800 V DC

 0 m ... 2000 m above sealevel   

Dimensions (H x W x D)

475,5 mm x 157,2 mm x 171 mm

Weight9,5 kg