Maximum RatingModul Number
660NDRG 0660
830NDRG 0830
850NDRG 0850
135NDRG 1305


NDRG 6-13V / 5-60A

(Filament supply)




·       Selection between heat-current OR emission current regulation

·       Adjustable heat-current limitation

·       control path LineariSation  for your e-Beam source


NDRG switch mode power supplies are used to heat a cathode or a filament in applications such as evaporation or x-ray. In principle the power supply is a current source.
It has two control circuits. One regulates the current through the cathode (heating current control system) and the other regulates the emission current of the tube (emission current control system). The emission current control system can be switched on via an external signal and overrides the heating current control. Both control systems are controlled by using an external set value.



400Vac ±10%, 50 or 60Hz, two phase
Output4 models are available. 6V/60A, 8V/30A, 8V/50A and 13V/5A.
Output ControlsHeat current and emission current are continuously adjustable over 0 –10 V analogue inputs. For the emission current, there are two measuring ranges (1A or 500mA). They can be switched over via an external signal.
Emission Current Regulation Load: 0,1% of full current for any voltage change.
Line: ± 0,1% of full current over specified input range.
Heat Current RegulationLoad: 1% of full current for any voltage change.
± 0,1% of full current over specified input range.
Residual ripple 5% rms. related to nominal voltage
Power connectionsAC Input connector       circular plug-in connector
HV input connector       HV power connector
HV output connector     HV power connectors


(H x W x D)

190mm x 238mm x 370mm
Protection SystemIP 54
CE MarkPrEN50178
Up to 15 different control path linearisations are programmable. Under voltage detection for emission current stop